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The Inner Circle

  • Arizaphale
    Friend and inspiration. A woman with boundless energy for life and others. A gifted teacher, and an equally gifted actress. She's a little too fond of exclamation points!!!!!! So please help me break her of this habit!!!!! Please!!!!!!
  • Larry's mom
    Wisdom is Annette's middle name. Buy her book, Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins. A woman with a heart as big as Louisiana, whence she hails.
  • Lisa
    Somewhere between your mind and heart, there is a soul. Often, it hides from us, and robs us of its riches. Lisa touches souls, and sets them free. Buy her book, Voice, published bilingually in Japanese and English.
  • Texas Wanderer
    The heart of a Texan. the soul of a European.
  • Citizen of the Month
    Neil is kind of like a Woody Allen who tells stories rather than jokes. A quality human being.
  • Zurika
    Zurika and her husband BeamMeUp embrace expat life in Europe with gusto, and her blog is a wealth of information for travellers, expats, and lovers of life. She's just as fussy about Italian food as we are about Japanese food.
  • A Free Man
    What happens when two geneticists get together? Like duh, they breed. They also move to the other side of the world with a Siberian Husky, but that's another story.
  • Nurse Myra
    As you grow senile, you often lose your sexual inhibitions. And if you happen to land in the Gimcrack Hospital in Sydney, Nurse Myra will be taking notes.
  • Miss Betty Ford
    My Fag Hag #1
  • Dee. The Brainsplitter.
    Believe me, the Brainsplitter's brain is complete. And functions beautifully.
  • The Daily Blague
    Civil pleasures, from a charming new York gentleman. A splendid raconteur, he and I once agreed that the French were becoming less rude lately. Of all things!
  • Ian in Hamburg
    Ian loves life. He loves people. He has boundless physical energy, which he spends on bicycles, ice-skates and ski fields. He wants to be published in National Geographic. Read him here first.

To Elvis fans, schade.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but Deutschland über Elvis, is not an Elvis Presley fansite. The title is a pun on the German national anthem, Deutschland uber Alles. Presley fans curious about his G.I. stretch in Germany (1958-1960) should click on the photo above and buy The Ultimate Elvis in Munich, by Andreas Roth. The book contains some extraordinary photos, and the story of a rumoured Munich mistress.

Resistance is Useful

  • It's on again! Is someone dicking you around? Is your day filled with petty people tut-tutting you at every turn? Through no fault of your own, do you find yourself marching to someone else's tune? Strike back against the petty tyrants and oxygen thieves. For one day, let them kiss your sweet, fragrant buttcheeks. The Honourable Liberation Front has declared January 13 to be the Fourth Annual International Day to Bite Me. Join the movement, here!


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One-Line Bio

Teaching the Germans to party since 2007. No, not THAT party.


Rootless, godless and gay. That's the Honourable Husband.

He works in adland as a director of strategy, sometimes also known as account planning. This curious job has let him live in many parts of the world.

Among these was New York (which sucked, big time), Tokyo (which changed his life), and Australia (which, in truth, is home). He and his husband have now settled happily in Munich.

He was born, and spent his first years in Pittsburgh. It wasn't pretty, and it still haunts him.

Partly as a result of the trauma of his early years, he took rather a long time to come out of the closet. It wasn't 'til his mid thirties that he got his head straight, so to speak.

His husband, Master Right, is Japanese. US immigration laws forced them to conduct their relationship long distance for a while. But thanks to a German civil union, things have now returned to normal.

(By the way, "Master Right" is the literal English translation of his Japanese name. It means "proper boy")

In his blog, he discusses matters of importance to him; the interplay of cultures in the modern world, recovery from family dysfunction, management of his harem of fag hags, his belief in secularism, and of course, all things gay.


atheism, dreaming, reading, writing, global business, ethics, gay issues, humanism, foolishness, al-anon, men's issues, wwii history, recovery, homosexuality, coming out, Weimar Germany, family dysfunction, ACOA, cooper's sparkling ale, elderton chardonnay, Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier, ideas of any kind