Stumbled onto while drinking: Opera.
Smutty bars. And the butts who smut them.

A dicky little ditty


Walking down
the street one day

I swore I heard

A small voice say,

“Unzip those drawers
Or without a doubt
Your great big balls
Will squeeze me out!”

I was amazed.
I was surprised.
A blabbermouth
Between my thighs?

I told myself,
“Don’t be silly.
It couldn’t be…
...a talking willy?”

I whip him out
To order beer
If I think the barman
Might be queer

My dick will shout:
“Give me a sip!”
But he’ll get his
On the outbound trip.

My dick speaks soft
My dick speaks loud
His forehead wears
A little shroud

Sometimes he’s
Politely flirty
Sometimes he gets
Downright dirty

His ditties are held
In high regard.
A veritable
Phallic Bard

During sex
He might complain.
But I answer with
The same refrain

“Shaddup!” I say
As I plunge in deep
“Fucking's precious
Talk is cheap”
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