Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tattooed on the Memory When I told people in Edinburgh that I'd performed on the Fringe thirty years ago, they grew curious. It must have been very different back then, surely. I shocked them with my reply. No. In my observation, here's what's changed. Lager drinkers can choose from a wide array of bottled craft beers. American university students majoring in theatrical administration or arts publicity often work on the Fringe as a course requirement. We met several flyering. Edinburgh's quality broadsheet, The Scotsman, once provided the most authoritative critiques. The paper remains an authority, but nowadays a mammoth website called Broadway Baby overshadows it. Curious, since the Fringe is about as un-Broadway as you can get. That's about it. Here's what hasn't changed since 1985. Busking bagpipers on the Royal Mile love the theme from Star Wars. You can take your drinks into the theatre. Restaurants in most parts of the world will bundle leftover food in a doggie bag; in Edinburgh, they decant leftover drink into a Starbucks-style doggie cup. Have you ever sipped beer through a straw? Not my preferred means of suckage. Snooty, sensitive, arty types hate the atmosphere. Australian acts thrive. American and Japanese artists enjoy the looser rules. Scots like to vomit. Billy Connolly's most famous routine even jokes about it. Drinking Scots should be required to carry airsickness bags, in the same way owners must carry plastic bags as a measure against their dogs fouling the pavement.

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